Bob, I don't even know how to thank you for the work you have done. You have made my life so much easier.

As an entrepreneur and sole owner of two businesses I was in need of a developer that would be responsive to my needs, willing to help me learn what I needed to know to mitigate the cost of website content management, and to make sure that my site served the needs of my existing customers as well as having the right pizazz to attract in new.

A previous developer had launched my new business with much haranguing and delays where I would hurry up and wait. I no longer worry about this very important part of my business because it is in capable hands. I trust you, for when you know you are not the right person to do something I need you quickly say "that's not me" and then offer the "but" and guide me in the right direction. You truly are a Guru in the industry!

- Rose Siple,
Thought Alchemy's
Transformational Hypnosis Center


We have been working feverishly to establish our charitable foundation to support Team MR8 this April.  Your expertise with web development and design has been of great help to us and we are grateful that you have been so generous with your time.  Whether you know it or not, and I suspect you do, you are part of something bigger than all of us.  My family suffered last April, but with the help of many hands, including yours, we are moving forward - and this foundation will hopefully outlast all of us, helping many as time passes.

As we reach these milestones in one, ten or twenty years, I hope you'll look back fondly realizing you helped design the very first website that put us on the journey we are about to embark.

With Gratitude,
Bill Richard

- Bill Richard,
Father of Boston Marathon bombing victim Martin Richard

Rhode Island Web Development has changed the way my clients can reach me. My message and objectives were quickly and professionally processed by Robert's knowledge of web design in a concise, clean and effective way making it a great tool that facilitates communication with my clients and advertising of my translation services. Today contacts through my website represents 80% of new clients. Web designers...there are lots! But one that combines the tech and the art, and makes it work for both a large corporation or an independent professional like me.... Robert is one of the few."

- Matilde Reyes-Odiaga,
Traductrice agréée / Certified Translator

"We are really happy with the work of RHODE ISLAND WEB DEVELOPMENT. Always effective and ready to solve anything at the moment, they use the best technology and share their great knowledge with us, his clients. Aesthetically we love their design, and we definitely recommend their services to everyone."

- Jose Chirinos, Operations Manager
One Earth Peru



"When I have a pressing need to design, build, maintain, or retool a web site, Robert Clinton is the person to call. Robert has an excellent grasp of the latest web technology, and he applies on behalf of clients in a creative and swift manner. Robert listens to our clients' needs, creates a solution, and implements it to our satisfaction- time and time again. If you need something done on the web, and done right, call Robert Clinton."

- Steve Bautista,
Chief Creative Officer/Partner at LegionThirteen

" Our firm has been working with Bob for years and there is no one that has more of a can do attitude combined with an ability to then actually get it done. Fast, reliable, conscientious and straight-forward describe both Bob and his work; he's an asset to any project."

- JD Norman,
EVP, Managing Director, Winsper

"Bob has amazing technical expertise, and I've never worked with any web people who have gotten the programming work done so quickly and efficiently as he has"

- Allison Paschke, artist

"Robert’s insights for website development are strategic
and tactical with that sense of timing that helps keep his clients at the forefront. Robert and I have crafted 3 different websites. He has an enthusiastic and straightforward approach that reaches into his extensive experience in professional services and product marketing which he delivers with clarity."

- Barbara Redmond,
President/Designer and Founder,
Barbara Redmond Design, Inc and
A Woman’s Paris™.

"Robert is a valuable resource for our company.  He is a trusted partner who can be counted on to deliver quality and to do it quickly."

- Henry Haugland,
CEO Webreply Inc.


"Robert Clinton has been nothing short of impressive since I first had the opportunity to work with him in 1997.  If there were a visual aesthetic fraught with executional challenges, he was the go-to person--capable of effortlessly solving any issue and consistently surpassing client's expectations.


Because our company, Corra, services the retail marketplace, we routinely work under extremely tight timeframes to produce packaging, merchandising and virtual executions--all of which are designed to break-through the 'clutter.'  To this end, Bob has been an invaluable asset.  Helpful, knowledgeable and experienced, this gentleman's artistry is surpassed only by his professional manner.  Each time he partners with our team to produce a creative execution, he confirms to us that we are working with a rare talent in creative services.  "

- Ellen McNulty,
Corra Consulting, Inc.

"Bob is a great resource for my company. He makes web construction simple and easy to understand. He’s always researching new functionality and the most cost-effective solutions to build a better website."

- Michele Aucion,
Mad Creative

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